soLearn : innovative knowledge retention and training outcomes software launched

In this time of cuts and reduced budgets it is often training and development budgets which attract attention and get squeezed.  Unfortunately many organisations have had experiences where they have spent  heavily on training and yet seen little in the way of tangible business benefits or outcomes.  How many times have we all heard a frustrated manager say “I spend all this money on training but nothing seems to change ……” 

In an effort to answer these kind of concerns Bristol based Line Business Services (LBS) have just launched their brand new and highly innovative soLearn software product.

Line Business Services MD Brian Carpenter explained. “It can be very hard to measure the outcomes of training and development quickly, easily and cheaply.  Managers need to know whether they are getting a tangible return on investment from the money they are investing in developing and training their people” 

Brian outlined how the new software works. “soLearn does not focus on whether the people you trained liked the lunch, thought the trainer was nice or that the facilities of the venue were first rate. Instead soLearn focuses on specific tangible learning outcomes.  When you send someone on a training course you take them off the job and spend hundred s or even thousands of pounds on the course.  At the end of the training the key questions you need to answer are simple.

  • “Do your key staff now know how to apply what they have learnt on the job?”

  • “Will it make them and your organisation more effective?”.

Brian continued.  “soLearn is a product all managers and Human Resources/Training  Departments should consider.  It’s inexpensive, quick and easy to set up. It works for any subject area and in any business large or small.  It runs as a fully hosted service which means all you need to use it is access to the internet and a web browser.”

“soLearn is already creating considerable interest in social services departments, the health service and banking/insurance where it is particularly effective for ensuring complex processes and procedures have been fully understood by all practitioners.  soLearn provides an audit trail of the training which has been undertaken and  creates an indelible record of how the organisation has evaluated knowledge retention and compliance. This is particularly useful in highly regulated sectors which are subject to inspection and audit.  You can run a knowledge evaluation test straight away and then follow up in a month, six months or even next year. The system can do all this automatically with virtually no admin overhead.”

soLearn is attractively priced at just £25 per user license per year which includes full hosting and on-line training and support.  There are no other hidden costs and any organisation can be up and running in a few days.

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