Standing out: what is your recruitment content strategy? (webinar)

Recruitment content strategies: How do you attract top talent?
How do you attract top talent?

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All HR and resourcing professionals learn early on in their careers what is needed to make a good job advert. But how does the way that jobseekers now engage with organisations change the recruiter’s approach?

Successful recruiting strategies rest on sharing meaningful content to both attract great candidates and convert them into hires. The content you create should be closely related to your business objectives and communicate your company’s core values; you are educating prospective employees so that they can imagine a future within your organisation.

Standing out: what is your recruitment content strategy?

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But, in addition to forging an emotional connection with your target audience, your opportunities need to stand out among other offerings. If your voice is not memorable and well-positioned, your employer brand will be overlooked.

In this webinar, brought to you in association with Indeed, we will discuss how you can elevate your content and get in front of other jobseekers. We will look at:

  • identifying and reaching your target audience;
  • developing strategies to better connect with talent in a crowded employer marketplace;
  • understanding trends to gain insights and make smarter decisions;
  • crafting irresistible job titles and descriptions; and
  • using data to inform your direction.

Personnel Today editor Rob Moss is joined by three experts in this field:

  • Anna Cook, recruitment specialist for CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, in Geneva.
  • Gerard Murnaghan, senior sales director at Indeed.
  • A senior recruiter at a major UK employer – to be confirmed soon.

Available on-demand now
Originally broadcast on 25 November 2014.

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