Talent slur seems to be largely unjustified

Cara Davani’s comment that “the HR profession is not spoilt for choice in terms of talent” causes the mind to boggle (Personnel Today, 24 October).

I know the job of a talking head is to contribute to, or stir up, debate. In HR we have to justify ideas with facts and figures, so such sweeping generalisations should be picked apart, too. Exactly where does this opinion come from? Where is its justification? From a lifetime of experience in a multiplicity of organisations?

Maybe I’m being naïve, but controversial opinion is probably manna from heaven for Personnel Today. Personally, I think it’s reflective of the paucity of quality in the discussions around HR and personnel.

I would have written more, but I’m too busy showing my lack of talent.

Patrick Gallagher, HR professional

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