The World Cup and being prepared for absences

Planning ahead to minimise unauthorised staff absences and ensure that work stations are manned, is crucial in the run up to, and during, the World Cup.  By using a time and attendance solution, such as TA21 from Frontier Software, organisations will be able to manage their staff effectively.

TA21 provides control and information needed to successfully manage employee attendance and is an effective workforce management tool, fully integrated with chris21, Frontier Software’s comprehensive human resource and payroll information solution. TA21 is based on the time sheet principle and interfaces with all time attendance devices including biometric solutions, magnetic swipe cards and iris recognition.

To complement TA21, Frontier Software offers HR21, an Employee & Manager self service option.  HR21 can resolve the burden of added administrative tasks during this busy time and is a virtual HR office which can be accessed onsite or remotely by both the employee and the manager making it a streamlined, time saving process.

“Our client feedback tells us that they are able to keep complete control of their workforce with TA21 and HR21,” says Ian Mason, Frontier Software Sales & Marketing Manager.  “We are confident that our users will know exactly who has turned up for work during the World Cup and can plan accordingly for absences.  This information gives them the power to run their businesses smoothly, with less absentee disruption.”

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