Three of a kind: managing workplace conflict

The Essential Guide to Workplace Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Authors: Nora Doherty and Marcelas Guyler
ISBN: 0749450193

This is a very practical book, and not one for the casual reader. For an HR practitioner worried about workplace conflict, however, it is a good read, comprehensive yet accessible. It explains the concept of mediation very well, making this a good resource for those new to it. And the authors also anticipate and dissect the potential pitfalls of mediation.

The Definitive Guide to Workplace Mediation and Managing Conflict at Work
Author: Clive Lewis
ISBN: 1903905362

Written by HR professional Clive Lewis, this book is an excellent scene-setter. There’s plenty of solid practical advice, from how to set up a room before a mediation meeting, to useful questions to ask when mediating. The author’s background gives this real credibility – unusually, for a business book, you read this and think: here’s someone who has actually tried this.

Conflict in Organizational Groups
Edited by: Kristin J Behfar and Leigh L Thompson
ISBN: 0749451017

This is a solid, weighty tome. It’s very academic, and probably not for an HR professional looking for practical advice. It’s much more likely to appeal to someone studying HR management, or with an interest in the theory of conflict. It’s well set out, with plenty of tables and charts, relying on previous research to add colour. Not for the faint-hearted.

Reviews by Tara Craig

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