Topaz launches multi-job functionality

Topaz will be launching Multi-Job functionality and Supplementary Pay Run processing at Softworld as part of the latest enhancements for integrated Topaz EMS HR and Payroll modules.

Enhanced Topaz EMS (Employee Management System) will now record multiple jobs against each employee as well as holding separate instances of each job within each employee. This will ensure that all relevant information, such as earnings deductions, pensions and National Insurance (NI) category, can be recorded and maintained for each job.

Supplementary Pay Run processing has been added to allow users to calculate and make payments outside the normal processing cycle dates, but at the same time taking into consideration PAYE and NI in relation to the normal pay period for the supplementary run.

Topaz is also using the Softworld platform during the October 17 and 18 event, hosted at the NEC Birmingham, to promote a host of new functions and enhanced capability within Topaz EMS including the ability to record and automatically pay Occupational Sick Pay (OSP). This has been designed to allow employers to control, manage and accurately calculate payments for fairness to employees and even analyse needs that require support, as well as identify costs to the employer.

“Our main aim for Topaz EMS is to provide effortless integrated processing for staff working in HR and payroll departments and now we have created a host of additional functionality that will fully automate and totally transform their duties,” says Eddie Stanley, Topaz Sales Director. 


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