Totallylegal is the UK’s leading job site for the legal sector

The National Online Recruitment Audience Survey confirms that for the second year running, totallylegal is the UK’s leading legal job site with 91,478 unique users (ABCe Oct, 2009).

The independent audit demonstrates that totallylegal attracts mid to senior level legal professionals; a typical user earns £49,300, is 38 years old and has 13 years experience.

Law firms, in-house legal departments and other professional service organisations are the core employers of totallylegal’s audience. The site boasts in-house lawyers, alongside solicitors, partners and associates.

Totallylegal’s users are active jobseekers with 72,268 currently looking for a new role, 16,466 open to opportunities and the majority (85%) have applied for a job online in the last month.

Key to attracting such a large, high-quality candidate base is the site’s search engine optimisation; 37% or 33,847 users found totallylegal via a search engine. 26%or 23,784 candidates were recommended to the site through word of mouth.

“The latest NORAS results prove that totallylegal is still leading the way for online legal recruitment. Having an independent audit of our audience means that our clients have factual data on the demographic breakdown of our candidate base with which to make their recruitment decisions,” says Head of Sales Claire Whisker.

“Testament to our continued investment in search engine optimisation and our high quality user experience are the significant number of candidates that come to the site based on a recommendation or via a search engine” concludes Whisker.

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