survey reveals 27% of staff pull a sickie to recover from their holidays

More than a quarter of workers admit they have taken at least one unscheduled extra day off work to get over their holiday, according to research.

The study of 1,000 staff by price comparison site found 27% had taken a ‘buffer day’ – an additional day at the end of a holiday – with only a third telling their employer the truth about why they didn’t return to work.

A fake illness, such as food poisoning, flu or sunstroke, was the preferred excuse.

A further one in eight reported a missed or delayed flight, and one in 10 blamed car trouble.

Only 2% said they felt very guilty about lying or potentially inconveniencing their employer and colleagues.

Kayte Williams, holidays manager at, said: “For many people, their holiday is so hotly anticipated that when it’s over, it is a massive anti-climax. For others, a jam-packed break means they are more exhausted on their return than when they left.”

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