Tribunal awards limits edge upwards

The limits on payments and awards made to workers by employment tribunals in certain employment rights cases will rise from today (1 February).

The increased limits affect:

  • statutory redundancy payments

  • the basic and compensatory awards for unfair dismissal

  • the limit on guaranteed payments made when employees are not provided with work

  • the minimum basic award for unfair dismissal in health and safety and certain other cases.

From 1 February, the maximum weekly pay that can contribute to a redundancy lump sum will increase from £330 to £350.

The TUC believes the sum should be increased to £500 as it is still far lower in real terms than the original value of statutory redundancy pay when it was introduced in 1965.

Unfair dismissal awards are now capped at £66,200 – a rise of £3,200 from last year.

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