Tribunal watch: University of Manchester unfairly dismissed former Big Brother psychologist

University of Manchester

An employment tribunal has ruled that a former Big Brother professor was unfairly dismissed for a first offence after he did not disclose to the University of Manchester the full extent of his media work. Stephen Simpson rounds up this and other employment tribunal rulings reported the previous week.

Geoff Beattie: Big Brother professor “sacked unfairly” In Beattie v University of Manchester, an employment tribunal ruled that a former psychologist for TV show Big Brother was sacked unfairly by the University of Manchester.

Other tribunal decisions in the headlines

Hundreds of former Comet workers to lose out on compensation after ruling Hundreds of former Comet employees are to lose out on compensation for being laid off incorrectly after an employment tribunal ruling on Friday dashed hopes of a payout, reports the Guardian.

Prison chaplains win thousands in payouts after unfair dismissal Prison chiefs have been forced to pay out more than £43,000 after unfairly dismissing two chaplains, the Scottish Herald reports.

Council cleared of wrongly dismissing “whistleblower” A tribunal has cleared Guildford Borough Council of sacking an employee because he was a “whistleblower”, the Get Surrey says.

Torbay Hospital manager resigns in the wake of “nepotism” tribunal A senior manager at Torbay Hospital criticised for her role in a “nepotism” tribunal has resigned – two months after her boss Paula Vasco Knight stepped down, the Torquay Herald Express reports.

DIY store criticised over way they sacked Bromsgrove employee A DIY store has been criticised by a judge over the way they sacked a Bromsgrove employee, according to the Bromsgrove Advertiser.

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