Two in five UK workers are looking for love in the office

Almost 40% of British workers will be looking for love in the workplace this year, reveals the latest survey from recruitment website

Love is on everyone’s mind it seems, from the interview stage to day-to-day e-mail flirting. A third of people admitted to daily “e-flirting” and 33% of men said they would take a job based on the attractiveness of the workforce.

Lack of time is the main reason people look to colleagues for passion, with 44% of those interviewed putting in more than 40 hours a week at work.

Many UK workers have already found romance on company time. The survey reveals that about 50% had already had a relationship with a colleague.

The sectors seen as having the most eligible candidates for those looking for love are media and marketing, with well over half rating workers in these industries positively. In contrast, construction workers were seen as the least eligible.

Keith Potts, managing director of, said that given the long hours that British workers put in, it is not surprising that so many feel they will find their next partner in the office.

“In this country we expect a lot from our employees and it is important that we try to encourage as good a work-life balance as possible – after all, business and pleasure don’t always mix well.”

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