Two new services from Engauge to help companies engage their people.

Leading supplier of online performance tools, MSA Interactive Ltd, is celebrating the launch of its expanded range of services under the Engauge name.

To mark this, the company has launched two new resources to help companies engage their people:

  • Twice a week, “Engaging People” provides a thought, a talking point or some news that will spark ideas on how to engage staff.  Managers and HR departments who are looking for a regular refresher can use this blog to help them sustain their organisation’s employee engagement.

    Engaging People” will tell managers about:
    – why they should be blowing bubbles in the office
    – why having engaged employees is a key to thriving in the credit crunch
    – the effect of the “infinite market for things to believe in”.

  • Ask Yourself This…” is more personal. Every weekday, this blog delivers a question that will challenge readers’ thinking.  We’d all like to think that we get the most out of life, but do we really? “Ask Yourself This…” will get people thinking about what they’ve learned recently, what would happen if they were fully committed to their job, and what makes them smile.

In addition to Engauge’s easy-to-use, effective 360 feedback and employee engagement solutions, the company now offers a range of other support services to HR and training departments. These include:

  • Engauge Evolutions – a range of powerful ability assessments and workshops to empower teams and leaders
  • Creation of training material for in-house programmes
  • Facilitated creative workshops to get managers really engaged with the engagement programme.

Vandy Massey, currently the IoD’s East of England Enterprise Businesswoman of the Year, and founder of MSA Interactive explains, “Our decision to rename was sparked by the realisation that engaging people is really at the heart of everything we do.  Engaged staff are more committed, passionate and creative – and that’s what we bring to our work, and what we help our clients achieve.”

Companies that really engage their people give us powerful examples of the benefits.  Engaged staff will voluntarily work harder, pulling together for the benefit of the organisation. Two critical factors must be present for this to happen: staff must feel motivated to work together for the common goal, and understand the needs of the business.

Organisations with a consistently engaged workforce benefit from greater productivity, lower absenteeism and reduced staff turnover – a more effective employee-base, without increased salary costs. And each of these improvements, individually, has a positive impact on the bottom line.

It’s unsurprising that the financial performance of companies with high levels of employee engagement is typically four times greater than those without. Not only does the organisation benefit directly through having more commitment from staff, but customers get the benefits too. Greater engagement invariably leads to better performance at work, improvements in profit levels and more engaged customers.

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