UK managers cannot switch off from work

Two-thirds of UK managers take their BlackBerry, palmtap or laptop with them on holiday, a survey has revealed.

Almost all (89%) senior-level professionals think that mobile technology makes working life more convenient and 83% said it makes them use their time more productively.

The survey of 352 managers by consultancy the Aziz Corporation also revealed that half of the respondents checked their e-mail at least once a day while on holiday.

Chairman Khalid Aziz said: “Our research reveals that British bosses want to be contactable during their annual leave. They like to be kept informed and, while this does not mean jumping on the phone in response to every e-mail, it does allow them to be available if needed.”

About 12% of managers said that checking work e-mails on holiday provided a welcome break from the family.

“For the majority, the odd phone-call interruption or taking the time to have a quick look at e-mails is hugely preferable to arriving back from holiday to a full inbox and a mountain of information to catch up on,” Aziz said.

But 65% of respondents admitted that mobile technology meant they could never truly switch off from work.


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