Unqualified excess gives nothing awa

Guru is a very busy chap. However, he wants to make it clear that his door is always open to his disciples if they need to get something off their chests. So please lie down on the couch and we’ll begin.

Dear Guru,

Being in the process of shortlisting at the moment, I find myself in need of some advice. Should I or should I not shortlist the candidate who, having spent their entire life at one company and now wishes to ‘put something back’ (I work for a regeneration charity), has filled in the Education box: 1968-2006: University of Life?

Disciple Brenda

Guru has checked the listings and this university doesn’t seem to figure anywhere near the top, so there’s the first concern. Second, a lot of people claim to have graduated from said university so you’d have to be worried about the level of personal care and attention that its lecturers and professors can give. This also raises the question of their admissions policy, which seems to be rather lax. All in all, Guru recommends you be wary of these alumni.

Simple really. Next please.

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