Web site launched to help smaller employers with online recruitment choices

Whatjobsite is pleased to announce the launch of www.whatjobsite.com, a website dedicated to helping small and medium-sized employers with online recruitment.  

Whatjobsite.com aims to provide employers with a single and straightforward place to find information and resources on online recruitment. It features a database of job sites, information and guides on online recruitment as well as a directory of non-job site recruitment suppliers.

“In recent years we have seen increasing numbers of small and medium sized employers look at online as part of a recruitment strategy,” said Karl Schweppe, managing director of whatjobsite.com.

“Unfortunately, such employers face real challenges when going online. There are hundreds of potential job sites to choose from and small companies don’t have the time or resources to trawl the internet looking for the right one. Whatjobsite.com takes the hard work out of finding the right job site.”

Whatjobsite.com features an easy-to-use searchable database of job sites in the UK and Ireland. Each job site is evaluated for job coverage, location, sector, speciality and site traffic so that employers can quickly find job sites relevant for them. What’s more, each job site’s key features and services are also profiled to ensure that employers have all the information they need to choose the right job site for them.

Advertising online is a very different proposition to advertising in traditional media. With this in mind, whatjobsite.com brings together information and resources to make sure that employers get the best out of online recruitment.

It features articles on planning an online recruitment campaign, preparing a job specification, choosing a job site and writing job ads so they work online amongst others.

The recruitment needs of small employers are not limited solely to one-off job ads. More and more employers are looking for larger online recruitment solutions. For this reason, whatjobsite.com also profiles the growing range of products and services offered by non-job site online recruitment suppliers.

“With such a straightforward way to look for job sites, see the services those job sites offer, and find advice on how to get the best out of online recruitment,” said Karl Schweppe, “we hope that whatjobsite.com makes the whole process of recruiting online a little easier.”

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