What can I earn as a public sector equal opportunities officer in the South West and Wales?

Also known as… Equality and diversity officer, manager or team leader, inclusivity officer or manager, equalities strategy officer or equalities adviser.

What you need to succeed… Excellent communication skills and the ability to deal with people tactfully and sensitively, ensuring privacy. It is vital that you can work closely with people from a range of backgrounds and have an understanding of the particular needs of disadvantaged groups.

You should have a good understanding of legislation, regulation and good practice on equalities issues, and keep abreast of any changes in this field.

How to get into it… Most people come from an HR background (usually with two to three years’ generalist experience), but it is also possible to break into it from a relevant managerial or administrative background. As such, a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development qualification is useful, but not always essential, as is a recognised training certificate.

What is involved… You will work towards eliminating discrimination both in recruitment and in employment. You will do this through promoting, developing and implementing equal opportunities policies and practices, usually in conjunction with the HR manager. You will also monitor performance against key indicators.

Training is usually a fundamental part of this role – working with internal and/or external training providers to ensure the full implementation and overall management of equality and diversity training for staff and managers as required. You will also provide support and advice to HR and line managers in dealing with equalities-based staffing issues.

Prospects… Good, as there are an ever-increasing number of roles available, but skilled, experienced candidates will usually find themselves snapped up very quickly. There are opportunities to progress within the equalities field. More senior positions are coming into existence, as well as a range of opportunities with specialist consultancies.


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