What does it take to connect effectively with candidates online?

According to Potentialpark, there are a number of common traits among the organisations found to be doing an effective job with their digital and social recruitment strategies:

  • They don’t try to be present on every channel at once, but make educated decisions about where to connect with candidates; then do it right.
  • They have typically gone through a learning process involving trial and error. Hence, the content of their Facebook pages and mobile career pages can vary and develop over time. Crucially, they have learned to deal with being exposed to public feedback, rather than blocking it.
  • The effective performers were found to be good at understanding the nature of each digital channel and its distinct value for talent communication, rather than simply attempting to “copy and paste” content from platform to platform. As a result, their presences complement each other.
  • They design their presences from the jobseeker’s point of view, setting out to answer their questions, meet their needs and carry out an open conversation.

This means that building a successful online presence has in some cases taken years, as well as requiring the courage to make mistakes, along with dedicating resources and creativity.

Finally, Potentialpark points out that there is one core principle at the heart of effective online career presence: the ability and willingness to communicate what makes an organisation unique and attractive.

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