Whistleblower hotlines lead to increase in company fraud probes

The number of businesses conducting internal corruption investigations has boomed after a drive to encourage staff whistleblowers, a survey has revealed.

Research by Ipsos Mori, commissioned by KPMG, has found that four out of 10 employers had launched investigations in the past three years – compared with 27% in 2007.

Head of fraud investigations at KPMG, Alex Plavsic, said the increase in inquiries was caused by the setting up of whistleblower hotlines in many companies and tougher cross-border investigations by the US.

But the survey also revealed 43% of employers had no anti-corruption measures in place.

Plavsic said: “Companies are having to fight harder than ever to win new contracts and, as a result, there could be an increased pressure on those in the front line to override anti-bribery and corruption laws.”

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