Women don’t fiddle their expenses like men do

Despite traditionally enduring lower pay and less opportunity in the workplace, women are still more inclined than men to fiddle their expenses.

Research published by Barclaycard Business found that more than one in 10 female respondents (11%) admitted to filing a false or ïpaddedÍ expenses claim, compared to 16% of male respondents.

The survey of 1,500 employees across the UK found that companies were missing most of the fraud committed by their staff.

Nearly all women (93%) and nine out of 10 men who submitted a false claim said they were never rumbled by their employer.

Michelle Tompkins, head of marketing at Barclaycard Business said: ñIt looks like women in the workplace are more honest than their male counterparts, but it is also clear that whether it is a male or female worker submitting a false claim the chances are that they will escape being caught out by their bosses.î

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