‘Work lust’ afflicts UK

than two million Britons prefer being at work to being at home, but they are
still vastly outnumbered by those who don’t like their jobs.

by The Work Foundation found that 2.4m people in the UK are suffering from
‘work lust’, believing their jobs to be more rewarding than their home lives.

four million people, 15 per cent of the workforce, dislike what they do for a
living according to the report.

also claims that while seven out of 10 staff are happy in their jobs, as many
as 300,000 people are working more than 60 hours a week for less than the
minimum wage.

Isles, the author of the report – which is based on a survey of 1,000 people –
said that on the whole "work works", but he called on the Government
to strengthen mechanisms for inspecting and reporting on the employment of
"wage slaves".

should not be possible for people to work more than 60 hours a week and be paid
less than £11,000 a year,” he said.

By Michael Millar

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