Working Time Solutions expands into real time data capture

Working Time Solutions, originators of the concept of Lean Employee Resourcing (Lean-ER™) is launching its Work Suite Time™ module at the CIPD Exhibition in November.

The Work Suite Time™ module is a new addition to its Work Suite™ work force planning and management applications and has been designed to provide instant access to real-time information about an organisation’s labour supply. The module, which optionally bolts onto the core system, is the first of its kind to work in collaboration with long range shift planning to provide an immediate view of employees on site. It records exceptions to anticipated arrival and departure times, thereby highlighting absence, lateness and when support staff is required to compensate for unexpected labour shortfalls.

Kevin White, managing director of Working Time Solutions, comments: “We are continuously enhancing our Work Suite™ offering and the arrival of the new Work Suite Time™ module is as a result of client demand for more real-time information, such as labour availability and shortfall, team status and punctuality, working time regulation compliance and changed demand data being available to all the critical stakeholders.

“Work Suite™ helps companies tackle working time changes issues, such as designing and creating demand-led shift-patterns, workforce management and project resource planning. All of the systems underwrite effective decision support and accurate and timely management information. The system is designed to be easy to use and flexible.

“What we’ve done with the new Work Suite Time™ module is to provide a data collection engine that provides real-time information on individual employees that allows managers to pin-point where there is a staff shortage on a shift, and immediately rectify resourcing, as well as assisting the payroll department to calculate accurate monthly pay, based on the exact hours each individual has worked, with minimal overhead.”

Work Suite Time™  is device independent and can collect time recording information from a variety of different sources such as biometric terminals, magnetic strip or smart cards, fobs, mobile phones, in-vehicle or handheld devices and computer log ins, in fact anywhere that time can be recorded.

Manchester based Working Time Solutions will be demonstrating this latest module at the CIPD Conference, stand 506, which this year is being held for the first time at Manchester Central between 17 – 19 November.

Work Suite Time™ is just one of the tools used when adopting the Lean Employee Resourcing or Lean-ER approach to workforce management and planning. Through investing in the Work Suite Time™   module in collaboration with Work Suite™, organisations are able to reduce and control labour costs, increase productivity and workforce flexibility and enhance service to the customer.

The concepts, methodologies and systems are non-sector specific and apply to any organisations that work shifts, extended hours or weeks, use flexible working or where there are dependencies on overtime, temporary working and underutilisation caused by unpredictable demands for labour.



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