Case law

Ireland appeal court judgment restricts use of injunctions in dismissals

The country's Court of Appeal's judgment restricts the circumstances under which an injunction against dismissal can be granted to an employee.

Christian actress loses legal case after anti-LGBT comments

An actress who was stripped of a role following the discovery of anti-gay comments on Facebook has lost a tribunal...

Employment lawyers: ‘tribunals effective and judges top of their game’

Lawyers describe the suggestion by The Times that employment judges are inexperienced as ‘idiotic’ and ‘insulting’.

Deliveroo collective bargaining case reaches Court of Appeal

Worker status case to be tested again following Central Arbitration Committee's 2017 decision not to recognise riders' claim for collective bargaining.

Worker wins race discrimination claim at curry supplier

A man who worked for a curry supplier has won a race discrimination claim after being told he did not...

Brexit and UK employment law

Now that the UK and the EU have agreed on the position of the UK post-Brexit, HR is left wondering...

Equal pay: Tesco ordered to disclose warehouse staff pay information

Tesco has been ordered by the Employment Appeal Tribunal to disclose information it holds about how much its warehouse staff...

‘Best fit’ hire lands NHS trust with ageism pay-out

A young, mainly female team influenced a hiring decision concerning a 50-year-old man, leading to his successful claim for age and sex discrimination.

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Five employment law cases that will shape 2021

Stephen Simpson looks at five important employment law cases that will grab the headlines in 2021, covering significant issues such...

Banker who never returned from three-year sabbatical wins unfair dismissal case

A banker working for Societe Generale was unfairly dismissed after he failed to return after a three-year sabbatical.
The employee,...

Female executive wins £64,000 after being ‘frozen out’ by all-male board

A 59-year-old woman has won a £64,000 pay-out after she was dismissed, with the judge declaring that ageism is worse for women than men.

Gig economy: Just Eat offers couriers better terms

Food delivery company Just Eat has announced it will offer couriers pay by the hour rather than per job in...

High Court: Government failed gig workers’ health and safety

The government has failed to implement important EU health and safety protections for workers into UK law, a judicial review...