Case law

Women lose legal challenge against hike in state pension age

The manner in which the government increased women’s state pension age was not discriminatory, a judicial review has found, rather...

Ascertaining whether an employee has a disability

Charles Wynn-Evans examines the issues arising from HR referring an employee to occupational health and the lessons to be learnt...

City banker wins sexism case for unequal pay and victimisation

A financial product manager for the French bank BNP Paribas has won her case for direct sex discrimination, victimisation and...

Out-of-hours GP who had limited company was a worker, rules EAT

A recent judgment has highlighted the urgent need for a reliable tool for organisations to determine employment status, a law...

east of england ambulance service employment tribuna;

Suicidal NHS worker threatened with legal action awarded £92k

A former NHS worker who was threatened with legal action after reporting feeling suicidal has been awarded £92,000 in compensation...


Tribunal case bolsters protection for potential whistleblowers

An employment tribunal last month concluded a case that could prove highly significant for potential whistleblowers.

holiday pay part year workers

Holiday pay for ‘term-time’ workers should not be pro-rated

Holiday pay for permanent staff who only work part of the year – such as term-time workers – should be...

Christian doctor ‘chose’ to leave his job over trans pronoun row

Dr David Mackereth, the Christian doctor who claims he was dismissed for refusing to use transgender pronouns, chose to leave...

Christian doctor sacked for not using preferred pronouns

A doctor has claimed he was dismissed because his Christian beliefs prohibited him from addressing transgender benefit claimants by their...

Tamarind restaurant (2004)

Restaurant worker unfairly dismissed after whistleblowing

An employment tribunal has ruled that the sacking of an assistant restaurant manager after he had blown the whistle over ingredients was unfair.

Include regular voluntary overtime in holiday pay, judge rules

Employers must now consider any voluntary overtime that is taken regularly in holiday pay calculations

judges are workers case surpreme court

Supreme Court to hear ‘judges are workers’ case

A judge who is seeking a clarification in the law to recognise judges as workers will make her case at...

Employers can enhance maternity pay and not shared parental pay

The Court of Appeal has ruled that employers can enhance maternity pay, while only offering statutory shared parental pay for fathers.