Lack of part-time apprenticeships reduces access for women

A shortage of flexible and part-time apprenticeship programmes mean that people who are unable to work full time are missing...

Equal pay claims: private sector takes centre stage

19 Feb 2018

As Tesco potentially faces a £4bn equal pay claim from its female employees, and claims are pursued against Asda and...

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Gender equality reduces number of women in STEM

15 Feb 2018

Women are less likely to take degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) if they live in countries with...

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MPs conduct inquiry into workplace sexual harassment

13 Feb 2018

MPs have launched an inquiry into workplace sexual harassment to discover how employers and the Government could better protect staff....

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Why supporting all carers benefits men, women and business

9 Feb 2018

Recent research showing how women and men continue to struggle to achieve the right balance between their work and family...

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Stonewall publishes first trans-inclusive employers list

31 Jan 2018

Stonewall has published its inaugural list of the most transgender inclusive employers in the UK with three law firms, three...

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EasyJet boss takes pay cut to show gender balance commitment

29 Jan 2018

EasyJet’s new chief executive is to take a pay cut to set his salary at the same level of that...

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Senior managers do not do enough to tackle gender balance, says CMI

26 Jan 2018

More than 80% of junior and middle managers believe that senior management teams do not do enough to promote gender...

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Harassment and inequality: should some of the red-tape “burdens” be reinstated?

26 Jan 2018

XpertHR consultant editor Darren Newman looks at amendments to “cut red tape” made to the Equality Act by the previous...

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Diversity linked to better financial performance, report finds

22 Jan 2018

Companies that have high levels of ethnic and gender diversity across their workforce and at board level are more likely...

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Iceland introduces tough requirements to demonstrate equal pay

5 Jan 2018

Iceland has introduced new legislation to make employers show they are not paying women less than men for the same...

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EHRC: Publish your gender pay gap or face an investigation or fines

19 Dec 2017

Companies that fail to comply with their gender pay gap reporting duties could face “unlimited” fines and convictions, according to...

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Civil service departments reveal gender pay gap

19 Dec 2017

A number of civil service departments have published their gender pay gaps today, with the Department for Transport recording the...

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Top 10 HR questions November 2017: Gender pay gap reporting looms large

7 Dec 2017

Employers have just under five months left to publish their gender pay gap reports. Most employers covered by the gender...

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Employers reluctant to report gender pay gap figures, finds XpertHR

24 Nov 2017

Employers are holding back from publishing their gender pay gap figures, despite having already carried out the calculations required under...

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