Equal pay: Co-op joins Asda in shop-vs-depot tribunal battles

More than 100 Co-op shop floor workers are seeking up to six years of back pay in the latest equal...

Men continue to take top jobs in public life

13 Jan 2020

Men continue to dominate positions of power in public life such as judges, FTSE 100 CEOs and national newspaper editors,...

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BBC issues more than £3m in payouts to avoid further claims, reports say

13 Jan 2020

The BBC has paid out more than £3m to a number of employees in a move it hopes will avoid...

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BBC loses equal pay case with Samira Ahmed

10 Jan 2020

Journalist Samira Ahmed has won her equal pay claim against the BBC, having proved that the work she did was...

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Gig economy ad banned for “harmful gender stereotypes”

8 Jan 2020

Gig economy company PeoplePerHour has had an advert banned by the Advertising Standards Authority because it promoted “harmful gender stereotypes”....

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Woman who lost job over transgender tweets loses hearing

19 Dec 2019

A woman who lost her job at a charity because she tweeted that transgender women cannot change their biological sex...

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UK slips down global gender equality rankings

17 Dec 2019

The UK is falling behind in a global index of gender equality according to the World Economic Forum. In 2019 the UK ranked 21st in the WEF global index...

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Lloyd’s of London issues trans and non-binary inclusion guide

12 Dec 2019

Lloyd’s of London has issued guidance to insurance firms and their employees on the inclusion of transgender and non-binary employees....

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BAME leadership pipeline flatlining in FTSE 100 firms

4 Dec 2019

Progress on increasing the number of ethnic minority leaders in the UK’s biggest organisations has stalled and there is a...

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TSB bosses bonuses to be cut after failing to hit 2020 gender target

3 Dec 2019

TSB’s leadership team will have their bonuses docked after the firm failed to increase the proportion of women in senior...

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Department store criticised for period badges

29 Nov 2019

A department store in Japan has said it is reviewing a policy where its staff could wear badges indicating whether...

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Hannah Meiton

‘No gimmicks’ – how to attract more women into tech

18 Nov 2019

More than a third of recruits to companies under the wing of Stockholm tech investor Sting are women. How has this been achieved in a sector notoriously male dominated?

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Labour’s 2030 gender pay gap pledge ‘completely unrealistic’

14 Nov 2019

Labour’s pledge to close the gender pay gap by 2030 if it wins power has been described as too ambitious....

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Eight in 10 want right to know male colleagues’ salaries

14 Nov 2019

Women should have the right to know if they’re being paid less than their male colleagues, according to research by...

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What needs to change before we can close the gender pay gap

13 Nov 2019

Headline-grabbing proposals can only take us so far. Cultural shifts and changes in shared leave, maternity and paternity benefits are needed before we can truly get to grips with the gender pay gap.

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