BMA apologises after report exposes ‘old boys’ club’ culture

The British Medical Association has apologised to members after an independent review found that female doctors felt “undervalued, ignored or...

Acas menopause guide encourages inclusive policies

18 Oct 2019

Acas has published new guidance to help employers support the estimated two million women who have difficulties at work due...

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Mentoring key to building diverse leadership

16 Oct 2019

Businesses where women occupy more than 30% senior leadership roles are more likely to nurture ambition, with a quarter (27%)...

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#MeToo at two: how far have we come?

15 Oct 2019

The #MeToo movement is two years old this week and has been influential in altering behaviour, bolstering equality and respect...

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Female leaders launch #MeTooPay campaign to end discrimination

3 Oct 2019

More than 100 of the UK’s most successful female business leaders have launched a campaign to close the gender pay...

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FTSE 350 achieves 30% women on boards ahead of target

2 Oct 2019

The FTSE 350 has 30% of board positions filled by women for the first time since the London Stock Exchange...

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‘Men as Change Agents’ board meets for first time

25 Sep 2019

A government-backed board of senior industry leaders meets for the first time today with the aim of encouraging executives to...

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Labour backs flexible working for menopausal employees

23 Sep 2019

The Labour Party has said it will ensure employers provide flexible working arrangements to women experiencing the menopause if it...

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Most female professionals never negotiate pay

17 Sep 2019

More than half of all female professionals (57%) have never attempted to negotiate a pay rise, and if they do...

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Met Police to discuss retention of women at Employee Benefits Live

11 Sep 2019

Rachel Billington (right), HR diversity and inclusion lead at the Metropolitan Police, will share her organisation’s journey around improving the...

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What will it take for diversity and inclusion to be taken seriously by boards?

27 Aug 2019

Senior executives make grand promises about improving diversity, and legislation such as gender pay gap reporting is pushing that agenda...

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Emma Watson launches sexual harassment helpline

5 Aug 2019

Emma Watson says the scale of sexual harassment in the workplace may finally be understood as she launched a legal advice line to help women understand their rights.

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asda equal pay supreme court

Asda equal pay case heads to the Supreme Court

1 Aug 2019

The Supreme Court will consider whether shop floor workers at Asda can be compared to workers in the distribution centre...

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Never mind the gender pay gap: here’s the gender pensions gap

26 Jul 2019

There have been exhaustive discussions on the gender pay gap, but what about the huge chasm between women’s pension wealth...

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Could your office temperature land you in legal hot water?

25 Jul 2019

With the heat set to rise into the high thirties this week, could there be legal issues as employers aim...

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