Senior female executive who refused to socialise with male team loses sex discrimination claim

Fellow workers claimed she was “dictatorial” and lacked respect for colleagues.

One in four LGBT staff hiding their gender identity or sexual orientation

26 Jun 2020

One in four LGBT employees in the UK remain “in the closet” at work, while many more are not fully...

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How working from home is levelling the playing field

22 Jun 2020

Home working and the absence of 'office power' has led to major cultural shifts that will benefit the goals of diversity and inclusion.

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Just half of employers publish 2018-19 gender pay gap

29 May 2020

Only half of businesses chose to publish their gender pay gap reports for the year ending April 2019 – a...

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Thousands of equal pay claims still received by tribunals each year

27 May 2020

An average of almost 29,000 equal pay complaints are received by employment tribunals in England and Wales per year as...

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Ethnic minority representation absent from four in 10 UK exec teams

19 May 2020

Almost four in 10 UK organisations had no ethnic minority representation on their executive teams between 2014 and 2019, which...

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Coronavirus will widen gender gaps at work and home

14 May 2020

More women will lose their jobs than men and the coronavirus will widen gender gaps both at work and at...

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David Fairhurst: ‘Drop D&I now and face talent shortages in future’

7 May 2020

Firms that drop diversity and inclusion initiatives could risk “re-marginalising” disadvantaged workers and talent shortages

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Unpaid work means women underpaid by £126bn

9 Apr 2020

Unpaid work such as childcare, cooking and cleaning means the gender pay gap is much higher than official figures, according...

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Gender pay inequality increases in financial services

9 Mar 2020

HSBC has reported the widest median hourly gender pay gap among financial services companies to report so far.

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TUC: Women work for free for two months a year

4 Mar 2020

Women work for free for two months of the year as a result of gender pay inequality, according to the...

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One in five FTSE 350 firms contacted over lack of women in senior roles

2 Mar 2020

The Investment Association has sent letters to 63 companies about a lack of gender diversity in senior positions.

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Weekly earnings exceed pre-economic crisis levels

18 Feb 2020

The end of 2019 saw average weekly wages reach their highest since pre-2008 economic crisis levels, but pay growth has...

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How Atos uses succession planning to improve gender balance

17 Feb 2020

IT services and consulting firm Atos faced a challenge familiar to the sector – to have more women in senior...

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