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Binna Kandola

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Binna Kandola, founder of business psychology consultancy Pearn Kandola.

Leaders must avoid cliches if black careers matter

16 Jun 2020

UK business leaders need to focus on action not messages if they truly want to effect change and improve fairness for black employees, warns Professor Binna Kandola.

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Give tasks meaning and lockdown monotony can be defeated

27 Apr 2020

Protecting productivity and decision-making during the lockdown means defeating boredom, argues Professor Binna Kandola

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‘Household, we have a problem’: Learning to work at home

14 Apr 2020

When working from home, how can we minimise the irritations of the 'capsule environment'?

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We’re living in capsules now, but let’s take the positives

6 Apr 2020

We can compare our current experience to those of scientists stationed in the polar regions - yes, really.

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How to tackle imposter syndrome and ‘modern racism’

20 Sep 2019

It's not unusual for black people and those from ethnic minority backgrounds to feel they don't belong in certain workplaces. Binna Kandola suggests ways of minimalising imposter syndrome

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Further than freezing eggs

Why we’re going further than freezing eggs

21 Oct 2014

Appebook’s new policy of paying for women to have their eggs frozen in order to boost the number of women...

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Yabba Dabba Do theory: Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintsone (REX/Everett Collection)

Why current gender diversity practice is part of the problem

25 Feb 2014

Not a week seems to go by without some debate about the representation of women in business. But Binna Kandola...

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