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Oven-Ready HR Reheated: Dave Ulrich, Peter Cheese and more

Oven-Ready HR Reheated brings a selection of the key moments from Season 1. The first of two compilation episodes revisits...

Employees look to avoid snooping employers

15 Apr 2021

About a quarter of UK employers (24%) said they would leave their job if they felt their privacy was being invaded.

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Embracing organisational agility as a CHRO: five key behaviours

8 Apr 2021

Mark Judd examines how HR teams became used to operating in a climate of continuous and unprecedented change.

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Call centre denies webcam monitoring claims

29 Mar 2021

A major call centre company has refuted claims that specialist webcams will be fitted to check up on employees while...

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TUC urges new laws to rein-in artificial intelligence

25 Mar 2021

The TUC has sounded the alarm over ‘huge gaps’ in UK employment law over the use of AI.

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There’s no going back: how AI is transforming recruitment

20 Jan 2021

Advances in AI that were expected to take years have been accomplished in just a few months, which makes it important for HR professionals to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.

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Safety and reward top priorities during Covid-19 recovery

7 Jan 2021

Employee safety, reward and recognition are set to be employers’ top areas of focus as they recover from the Covid-19...

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The fourth industrial revolution is upon us: do we have the skills?

30 Dec 2020

Individuals' adaptability and employers' understanding of the ‘inventory of skills’ held by employees will be crucial if the economy is to thrive.

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How will technology support background screening in 2021?

29 Dec 2020

Background screening is an area ripe for automation and technological innovation. Conal Thompson looks at some of the emerging trends...

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One third of HR roles at risk of automation

11 Dec 2020

Almost a third of HR roles are at risk of being replaced by robots, according to a study commissioned by...

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TUC taskforce to address ‘punitive’ use of AI in staff monitoring

30 Nov 2020

With the use of AI growing during the Covid pandemic a taskforce aims to protect workers from punitive ways of working.

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Personnel Today Awards 2020 winners: NHS praised for Covid response

27 Nov 2020

NHS England and Improvement has been crowned the overall winner at this...

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Personnel Today Awards 2020: HR Technology Award shortlist

5 Nov 2020

The Personnel Today Awards 2020 winners will be revealed in less than a month. We continue our countdown by profiling...

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‘Give regions more say over skills and employment’

2 Nov 2020

City & Guilds has urged the government to devolve skills and training to the UK's regions.

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Personnel Today Awards 2020: Innovation in Recruitment shortlist

2 Nov 2020

With just a few weeks until we celebrate the Personnel Today Awards 2020, we profile the shortlisted organisations. The latest...

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