The management of employee absence and the benchmarking of absence rates is a key issue for employers. Employers need to maximise the days that your employees come to work and minimise the number of days that they are absent.

Apart from the potential cost of absence within an organisation, there are also issues around motivation of staff, disruption to the business, an adverse effect on customer service levels, and loss of productivity, profitability and business.

Safety in groups?

2 Oct 2004

Group income protection is promoted as a way to manage long-term absence strategy and support disabled employees returning to work. But what role is there for OH professionals alongside such a benefit? Paul Avis finds out

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Letters/ books

2 Oct 2004

Financial restraints hinder nurses' chances; Six-point strategy to beating absenteeism

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A force for good?

1 Oct 2004

For decades, UK firms have employed reservists and their enhanced skills, but rarely have the potential repercussions been so great

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Healthy approach to absenteeism

28 Sep 2004

Sweden is not in as good shape as its clean and shiny image might suggest. DeeDee Doke finds out what employers and the government are doing to cut the high cost of staff on sick leave

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On the mend

7 Sep 2004

Alternatives to how sicknotes are issued are being piloted.
News that pilots looking at alternatives to GPs writing sicknotes are...

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Sickies are worse for business than stress

1 Sep 2004

Workers taking 'sickies' place a greater burden on organisations than stress-related absence

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From absence to attendance

13 Jul 2004

Sickness absence is no longer a medical issue for employers, it is a strategic one.

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Doctor, doctor

1 Jul 2004

Tesco is running trials to see how it can improve its unplanned absences. In the trials, which involve voluntary participation, the retailer is not paying for the first three days of a staff member's sickness. Here's what other HR professionals had to say on the subject.

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Equal triangle?

1 Jun 2004

Employers need to make small but significant changes to internal processes surrounding discipline, illness and annual leave for temporary workers....

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Turnover turnaround

10 Feb 2004

How time and attendance software has helped New Look cut staff turnover and improve the bottom line

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