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How an EAP helps tackle mental ill health at work

8 Oct 2010

Figures from the charity Mind suggest that one in four people in the UK is diagnosed with a mental illness...

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Three steps to getting the most out of an EAP

18 Feb 2010

1. Market the EAP effectively to employeesThe provider should give you a clear implementation plan, with pre-promotional planning, and talk to...

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An introduction to EAPs

18 Feb 2010

What is the definition of an EAP?An employee assistance programme (EAP) is a work-based programme which can identify and help resolve...

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E.on UK case study: Re-energising occupational health

6 Nov 2009

Sally O'Reilly talks to the occupational health manager at E.on UK, and discovers the secret of her success.

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Mental health at work: Mindful approach

5 Jun 2009

Two initiatives are striving to remove the stigma surrounding mental ill health and raise awareness in the workplace. Sally O'Reilly reports on the work being done by Time to Change and Shift.

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Tackling absence

1 May 2009

Two case studies in large but contrasting organisations show how partnerships with external providers can help absence management by developing a more proactive OH service, and improving communication between OH managers and staff.

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Occupational health and technology

6 Mar 2009

Sally O'Reilly looks at the best way to make sure your occupational health department is making the most of the software available.

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Wellbeing: Recession depression

12 Feb 2009

Sally O'Reilly looks at the increasing evidence linking the economic downturn to workplace stress and mental ill health.

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Recruiting in a recesssion

16 Jan 2009

With recruitment budgets squeezed ever tighter, HR has its job cut out recruiting the best staff as economically as possible. Going online could be the answer, says Sally O'Reilly.

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Mental health: Making work better

8 Sep 2008

Tackling stress and mental health problems at work will not only reap financial rewards but is vital for both employees and managers to develop their self-knowledge, as Sally O'Reilly reports.

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HR Hornets’ Nest winners: the big buzz

4 Jun 2008

In April, Personnel Today held the first ever HR Hornets' Nest competition in association with PricewaterhouseCoopers. But who impressed the judges most? Sally O'Reilly reports.

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Absence special: stress – in the grip of it

19 May 2008

Stress continues to be the biggest cause of workplace absence. What practical measures can HR take to rehabilitate sick staff, and prevent stress taking over? Sally O'Reilly reports.

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Qualifying in wellness

25 Apr 2008

In the wake of the Black Report, qualifications for "wellness champions" at work are beginning to emerge. Sally O'Reilly reports.

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In focus: Coaching the wellbeing champions

23 Apr 2008

The Black Report calls for more direct health intervention by employers. But how can organisations ensure their managers are qualified to provide wellbeing support? Sally O'Reilly reports.

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Wellbeing in focus: no-sweat staff incentives

26 Mar 2008

Gym membership is decreasing, so what rewarding alternatives can employers offer to boost staff wellbeing, asks Sally O’Reilly?Five years ago,...

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