20 Years with The Same Client!

In today’s climate of tenders, pitches and regular reviews, management training provider Clearworth feel that they have really achieved something to be able to say that this November marks the 20th anniversary of Clearworth’s status as training provider for Shell’s EP100 team building event.

The training programme began in 1988 as a 17 week lecture course, created to give Shell technical staff an awareness and understanding of the business as a whole.

Since then, Clearworth has helped it evolve into a 5-week interactive programme. Apart from the length, little has changed about the programme over the two decades – it fulfils its role so well.

What has changed, however, is the eclectic mix of people that now come through the course. Where they were once either British or Dutch, they are now just as likely to be from Nigeria or The States, coming together to understand their global organisation and the issues it faces.

Founded by Clive Hook and Chloe Cox, Clearworth has long been about making a difference in the workplace. Now, with the Coffee Cart Project, theywe’re collaborating on making a difference outside the workplace. Its passion is learning. But not just learning for the sake it – learning modified and improved by experience so that it becomes really effective for both organisations and individuals. Cited as best practice in Personnel Today and Human Resources and Highly Commended in the UK National Training Awards, Clearworth offers bespoke management training, team building and questionnaires.

For more information please contact Paula Gardner on 0208 504 4557 or 07941 244343.


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