activ8 intelligence shines a new light on HR analysis

activ8, providers of predictive HR analytic technologies, today launches a8i Lightbox, a powerful software tool which enables detailed strategic analysis of human resources delivery against business objectives.

a8i Lightbox is an intuitive, web-based application that collects and analyses feedback from all stakeholders affected by human capital management and provides a comprehensive reporting function on all parties’ expectations. Through this tool, the success of HR can be measured against organisational targets, and an indicative assessment can be made of the areas where these are being over- or under-achieved.

a8i Lightbox measures performance across a range of criteria including capability, efficiency and effectiveness. Focusing on these principles, departments across the business are invited to input on what is currently working well within HR, what is disputed, possible future contributions, as well as alignment between the views of the business and those of HR.

Once data is collected, analysis is broken down quantitatively and qualitatively, and gaps can be easily identified between the current and desired state of components across the full remit of modern human resources.

a8i Lightbox has already been successfully implemented by companies such as the finance group C. Hoare & Co, who recognise the importance of monitoring the effectiveness of HR and have benefited through the insight the tool has given them. Commenting on his recent experience with a8i Lightbox, John Hubner, HR Operations Director, Legal & General said: “The tool proved to be an effective change enabler for us. Not only did it generate debate and help form a prioritised transformation roadmap but it gave HR the framework to go out into the business and gain crucial stakeholder involvement and support.”

activ8 intelligence’s CEO Laurence Collins: “Organisations need to undertake a more strategic approach to measuring and managing their own HR departments. A huge number of businesses adopt a laissez-faire attitude to human resources by not using the right tools to calculate the effectiveness of their practices. a8i Lightbox provides real time analysis that quickly compares and aligns HR methods, and provides an invaluable tool for organisations in forming and assessing their HR strategies.”

activ8, winners of the DTI and BT Technology Innovation Award, uses artificial intelligence to improve an organisation’s recruitment and performance management.  The company was founded two years ago by Laurence Collins and Mathew Lymbery.  Laurence was previously a divisional Director of Ceridian – a leading player in the global HR outsourcing sector. They recognised that clients were demanding more value for money from their HR function and decided to set up their own company to meet that need. 

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