AI’s impact on recruitment, HR and the workforce (webinar)

Artificial intelligence promises the potential to revolutionise almost every aspect of the way we work. But what will it mean in practical terms for professionals working in HR and resourcing? And what will it mean for the workforce?

This Personnel Today webinar, in association with Indeed, will look at how intelligent automation will affect the way organisations acquire and manage people and ensure that your organisation is one of the 65% of businesses that see such disruption as an opportunity, not a threat.

Editor Rob Moss is joined by three expert speakers: Robert Bolton, partner, people and change global centre of excellence at KPMG; Matt Burney, senior manager in employer insights for Indeed; and Barry Flack, founder of BF Consultancy and well-known speaker on new ways of working.

AI’s impact on recruitment, HR and the workforce

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Watch this this free webinar and discover:

  • Whether reports of robots “taking over” are exaggerated and how we should separate the myths from the facts
  • The emerging technologies helping to attract and identify quality candidates and why human connection remains important
  • What is happening to workforces and how this is affecting business models
  • How agile workforce management is creating new roles in HR
  • How AI could boost creativity, maximising productivity.

This live webinar will include a live Q&A session where you can submit questions to our panel.

Available on-demand now

About our speakers

Robert Bolton is partner in KPMG’s Global HR Centre of Excellence where he delivers world-class HR solutions to the firm’s global clients. His current focus is on developing an approach to help clients understand what their workforce of the future needs to be. This has led to KPMG’s work for a number of clients on “workforce shaping”, a critical new discipline for HR. Robert attends the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI and in particular is working on the workforce implications of AI on workforce including skills, organisation and culture.

Matt Burney is senior manager for employer insights at Indeed and a renowned speaker, consultant and strategist in recruitment. Matt has had coverage in press and broadcast media around the world, including The Times, CNN, BBC, Evening Standard and more. Over the past 10 years Matt has spoken at more than 400 events all over the world and has gained a huge amount of insight into the motivations, issues and opportunities the recruitment industry has right now.

Barry Flack has been involved in business change for 25 years, working in senior HR and talent roles, helping large and small organisations grow, transform and adapt to the changing world of work. His experience ranges from scaling successful start-ups in hyper growth, to reinventing the way we attract and retain talent across the globe. A long-term advocate for the positive impact of HR technology, Barry works with vendors to help them gain relevance and traction in their market. He was recently recognised as one of the top 30 Global Influencers in HR Tech.




The webinar was first broadcast on Wednesday 20 June 2018, 14:00 BST

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