Oven-Ready HR Reheated: Dave Ulrich, Peter Cheese and more

Oven-Ready HR Reheated brings a selection of the key moments from Season 1. The first of two compilation episodes revisits...

Embracing organisational agility as a CHRO: five key behaviours

8 Apr 2021

Mark Judd examines how HR teams became used to operating in a climate of continuous and unprecedented change.

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Pandemic increases focus on HR technology investment

15 Mar 2021

HR technology has increased in importance during the pandemic, according to a survey by XpertHR.

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What should we do about digital fatigue?

15 Feb 2021

Digital fatigue is becoming a significant factor in many people's lives, and it's not as if another app can solve it. More time must be spent away from screens, writes Gartner's Brian Kropp.

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‘HR must focus on employees’ existing skills’

10 Feb 2021

‘Skills adjacencies’ need to be developed before businesses' skills gaps become debilitating.

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AXA launches data analytics academy for apprentices

10 Feb 2021

Insurance company AXA UK to invest £800,000 in an academy to build skills in data analytics.

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Perception of the value of HR improved during the pandemic

25 Jan 2021

Almost three-quarters of HR professionals say the pandemic has increased their value in the eyes of the business.

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Five future-of-work decisions HR must now address

19 Jan 2021

Organisations must revisit workforce strategies, the role of the office, technology, employment models and diversity in the light of a year in which 'tectonic plates have shifted', argues Gartner.

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Four-day week affordable for most businesses, study suggests

30 Dec 2020

Working a four-day week on full pay is viable for most UK companies, a study of thousands of businesses has sought to demonstrate.

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The fourth industrial revolution is upon us: do we have the skills?

30 Dec 2020

Individuals' adaptability and employers' understanding of the ‘inventory of skills’ held by employees will be crucial if the economy is to thrive.

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How agile HR leadership drives resilience (webinar)

24 Nov 2020

ON-DEMAND | HR leaders have had to steer organisations through unprecented change...

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National strategy needed to ramp up digital skills in manufacturing

2 Nov 2020

Nine in 10 manufacturers have benefitted from adopting digital processes during the pandemic, but the majority are worried the education...

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RSA: UK should adopt France’s partial activity scheme

12 Oct 2020

The UK's response to the coronavirus job threat must take into account the risk of automation. Other countries have shown how UK schemes can be improved.

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Data detectives and home working facilitators among future HR roles

29 Jun 2020

HR data detective, work-from-home facilitator and algorithm bias auditor are among some of the new HR roles that are expected...

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Pandemic is a business transformation opportunity for HR

8 Jun 2020

Covid-19 is a tragedy that HR can use to help transform business, global business forum hears.

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