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Corporate social hospitality: social work

19 Nov 2007

‘Corporate hospitality’ is a phrase guaranteed to strike fear into a human resources (HR) professional’s heart. Helen McCormick reports on...

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Sustainability: sprucing up corporate social responsibility with Timberland

5 Nov 2007

Timberland’s approach to sustainable corporate social responsibility is as down to earth as its famous tan boots. Helen McCormick went...

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Personnel Today Awards – RAA Sprague Gibbons Employer Branding Award

8 Oct 2007

Gary Davies – Award judgeGary Davies is professor of corporate reputation at Manchester Business School. He was previously at Templeton...

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Have a rant – bah humbug: early Christmas takes its toll

24 Sep 2007

I went on holiday last week to enjoy a bit of September sun. As I wandered through Gatwick, idly imagining...

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Quiz: do you have oomph?

17 Sep 2007

Take the oomphometer quiz – jotting down your answers – then find out how much oomph you’ve got!Q1 You have completed a...

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Relocation policy: smooth moves

20 Aug 2007

When relocating employees, a transparent, flexible and well-communicated relocation policy is a must. Helen McCormick reports.  Dos and don’ts for...

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