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Nick Kemsley

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Nick Kemsley is co-director of the Centre for HR Excellence, Henley Business School.
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HR data and metrics: overhauling your approach – part two

18 Feb 2014

In the second of two articles that provide a blueprint to guide HR functions in overhauling their data approaches, Nick...

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Data visualisation

HR data and metrics: overhauling your approach

5 Feb 2014

Nick Kemsley shows the kind of top-level process he takes organisations through when working with them on their data and metrics approaches...

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Strategic workforce planning – the challenge of moving from words to action

25 Jul 2012

Business leaders increasingly agree that taking a strategic approach to planning the future workforce will unlock great value, but effective...

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Maximising the effectiveness of HR data

25 Jan 2012

In the first of a series of articles on using data and metrics more effectively, Nick Kemsley of Henley Business...

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