British business backs Brown

A survey of 1,250 British chief executives, managing directors and other business leaders reveals that the majority support Gordon Brown’s leadership of the economy and want him to remain as Chancellor of the Exchequer for the duration of the next Parliament.


Delegates at the International leadership summit ‘Leaders in London’ were asked whom they would prefer to serve as chancellor for the duration of the next Parliament. The results were:


Gordon Brown MP: 55 per cent


Oliver Letwin MP: 20 per cent


Vincent Cable MP: 7 per cent


Other: 18 per cent


Delegates were also asked whether the UK would be a better place to do business if it adopted the Euro. Sixty-five per cent of respondents agreed that it would, with 35 per cent against.


A third question asked if, in light of recent corporate scandals around the world, the reputation of leaders has been severely damaged. More than half (54 per cent) of delegates believed that it had been.

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