Building the Business Case for a HR Software Project, at the CIPD HR Software Show

Are you planning to visit the CIPD HR Software Show? Attendees will have the opportunity to hear how to build the business case for a HR software project, in a bespoke presentation by The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

Amy Browne, HR Business Partner from ICE explains how they used Cascade’s intuitive HR Software to improve HR processes and add value across the business. Pick up tips and hints to help you build a business case to implement your own HR Software.

The seminar will cover the following topics;

Building a business case

  • What benefits did ICE set out to achieve?

  • How was authorisation obtained for the budget and the overall project?

  • How did ICE communicate the monetary benefits to the business?

Selecting your supplier

  • What methodology did ICE use to evaluate the HR software marketplace?

  • What processes did ICE go through to choose which supplier best matched their needs?

  • How did ICE ensure that the desired functionality would be delivered?

Preparing for your Project

  • How did ICE prepare for the Project?
    – personnel involvement
    – documentation review
    – preparation of data map from source to the Cascade HR data template
    – assessment of technical requirements
    – involvement of IT
    – data transfer

  • How did the organisation as a whole prepare for the new functionality?

Rolling out module by module

  • What information was discussed in ICE’s project initiation meeting, and how was this translated into a project plan?

  • What was the order of implementation and did ICE meet internal and external timescales?

  • How quickly did ICE start using the software’s functionality?

  • How easy/difficult was the work which had to take place internally to ensure success, e.g. payroll implementation??

Benefits gained

  • Has ICE measured success since implementation and if so, how?

  • What has the overall feedback been?

  • Has the solution proved easy to use?

  • Did ICE meet the needs of the business case?

Future plans

  • What does ICE want to achieve next with their HR & Payroll solution?


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