COA Solutions launches employee engagement module

UK business management and information systems provider, COA Solutions, today announces the launch of its employee engagement module to help organisations develop and motivate their staff.

This solution is the latest addition to People Analytics, COA Solutions’ successful ‘out of the box’ business intelligence system for human resource (HR) professionals.

People Analytics, which forms part of COA Solutions’ Corporate Analytics suite of business intelligence products, enables HR professionals to monitor, analyse and report on areas such as absenteeism and staff retention.

With the addition of the employee engagement module to the People Analytics product, HR professionals are now provided with the most functionality-rich ‘out of the box’ HR analytics system on the market.

The employee engagement module is a user-friendly solution that enables organisations to improve staff performance and create a more effective workplace by accurately measuring, cultivating and managing an employee’s well-being against pre-defined key performance indicators (KPIs).

The information used by the engagement module to measure and manage levels of staff satisfaction is generated from the results of staff surveys.

The solution interrogates and quickly extracts a range of valuable HR data to enable organisations to address important HR issues.

Its user-friendly reporting tool produces a range of key reports including employee development, team engagement, new starter satisfaction and leadership capability so organisations can proactively and more effectively manage and retain their workforce.

Mark Thompson, COA Solutions’ Managing Director says:

“A happy and motivated workforce is an organisation’s most valuable asset and so managers should never become complacent about engaging staff, especially during an economic slump. It’s essential to easily identify, develop and retain employees to improve business performance and stay ahead of the competition which is why solutions such as the employee engagement module are so important.”

Thompson adds:

“High staff absenteeism rates and poor performance levels are typical symptoms of unhappy staff which can jeopardise an organisation’s survival, especially in turbulent economic times. The employee engagement module provides a cost-effective solution that enables organisations to nurture engagement and improve motivation levels across an entire workforce. Employees are also likely to be more productive, more customer-focused and display greater loyalty, ultimately impacting the organisation’s bottom line.”

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