CVs and interviews alone are not accurate enough to assess job applicants

The article ‘Dishonest CVs on the increase’ (, 7 February) demonstrates the need for supplementary tools to be used to support CVs in the recruitment and interview process.

Even interviewing has its problems, with independent research showing that 43% of HR directors think interview questions, body language and intuition, are not enough to detect the honesty of a candidate.

SHL’s own research reveals that 57% of people think it is acceptable to bend the truth in an interview – the ‘traditional’ recruitment processes are clearly not enough.

Structured, competency based interviews are found to be a more accurate predictor. Since this technique identifies the competencies required for a specific job, structured questions that ask the candidate to prove their relevant skills can be developed. This makes it much harder for candidates to fabricate their experience.

While there is undoubtedly still a place for CVs and interviews, psychometric assessments are now invaluable in clearly ascertaining a candidate’s abilities and competencies. These tools are not only becoming far more accessible, but also provide HR directors with an accurate understanding of a candidate’s ability that cannot be gained through CVs and interviews alone.

Sean Howard, sales director, SHL Group

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