Disgruntled train drivers set up new union to rival Aslef

A new union for train drivers has been established as a result of “massive concerns” over union representation.

The Associated Train Crew Union (ATCU) describes itself as “accountable and democratic” and has vowed to pursue rail workers’ “natural desire for justice and equality”.

ATCU says it has dozens of members already and hopes to gain more support over the coming months. Aslef currently has around 16,000 members.

A statement from the new union said: “This union’s aim is to promote a safe, efficient and rewarding railway industry. It will seek to encourage the growth of the rail network by encouraging the re-opening of old lines and [the] improvement of current ones.”

Steve Trumm, a train driver involved with setting up ATCU, said there were “massive concerns” among rail workers over their union representation. Trumm was expelled from Aslef last year after launching a rival website.  


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