Equalities Review recommends legalising ethnic minority job adverts

Job ads specifically targeting ethnic minority applicants will be legalised if the government adopts the recommendations of the Equalities Review.

The review called for “the repeal of existing legislation that limits positive action”. It said an Equalities Act should be drawn up to cover all diversity issues, to provide for better targeting of disadvantaged groups.

“There are some areas where inequalities are so deep-seated, or where conventional means will take so long to make an impact, that not taking alternative action is condemning a whole generation to living with disadvantage,” said the report.

“There is a case for introducing time-limited, proportionate, balancing measures of a type not currently permissible under UK law,” it said.

Review chairman Trevor Phillips said organisations wanting to use these proposed powers should be able to do so “if they can make a case that it is in the best interests of the community”.

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