Extra bank holiday call renewed by TUC in bid to promote volunteering

The TUC has renewed calls for an extra bank holiday in late October.

The union umbrella body this morning published a report saying the day should be called Community Day and be used to encourage volunteering.

The extra day off would also boost consumer spending and employee morale, said the report, Why the UK can afford a Community Day.

Many customer-facing businesses, such as those in the retail, hospitality, leisure, tourism and transport sectors, have stronger trading days on bank holidays.

Meanwhile, all employers would benefit from the improved productivity, morale, health and wellbeing, according to the TUC.

After the August bank holiday, workers in the UK will have a four-month wait for their next official weekday off work on Christmas Day.

The TUC estimates that if 10% of the population took an active role in Community Day, the activity would be worth £250m.

General secretary Brendan Barber said: “A new bank holiday would be very popular for Britain’s workers, who have fewer public holidays than anyone else in Europe except Romania. But it could also bring in much needed revenue to about a million UK businesses.

“A Community Day would encourage more people to take up volunteering for a day. In return, employers will have a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. We urge businesses, politicians and community groups to join us in our campaign for a new Community Day bank holiday.”

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