Giunti Labs presents its personal skills and portfolio management solution

Giunti Labs is bringing its newly released state-of-the-art personal ePortfolio and skills management solution to the HRD exhibition at Olympia, London, on 21st and 22nd April.

At this year’s HRD exhibition – being held at London’s Olympia on 21st and 22nd April – Giunti Labs, the world leading learning and mobile content management solution provider, is putting on show its state-of-the-art ePortfolio and skills management solution, along with its learning content development capabilities.

“Giunti Labs’ eXact Portfolio helps clients attract, develop and maintain employees, as well as align them to corporate strategic goals, to build a lasting competitive edge,” explained JJ van Delsen, Sales Director of Giunti Labs UK.

“It can be used as a stand-alone solution or as part of the learn eXact Suite – an integrated and state-of-the-art learning content management system (LCMS) for new generation e-learning and mobile learning strategies. This enables users to create, manage and deliver contents based on XML learning objects to a range of end user terminals, and it is compliant with international standards and specifications such as IMS and SCORM.”

Named in an industry report by Outsell, Inc. earlier this year as ‘the creator of some of the most dynamic, interactive, 3D, multi-11 device-integrated learning solutions in the market that exemplify how it all comes together in work and learning apps of the future’, Giunti Labs provides solutions to many sectors including public sector, defence, manufacturing, finance, retail, information and communications technologies (ICT), education and healthcare.

“In a world of rapidly developing competition, organisations need to identify their workers’ skills, knowledge and competencies, as well as deliver the right learning content just in time, where and when the user needs it,” commented Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO of Giunti Labs.

“So, at HRD this year, Giunti Labs will outline how it meets the learning individualisation needs of contemporary organisations with the media and skills-based personalisation features of its eXact Portfolio as well as the location-based and multi-device channel capability of its eXact Mobile modules for its enterprise learning content management solution, learn eXact LCMS.”

Giunti Labs is on Stand 1500 at HRD 2010.

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