Global reach no substitute for local knowledge

As a company that participates in the Noras online recruitment survey, I read with interest your news story reporting the 2006 findings (Personnel Today, 7 March). However, I felt that an important trend from the survey was not highlighted.

The mutual space where the majority of recruiters and jobseekers meet is increasingly at a local level. Research from the Newspaper Society reveals that the average maximum distance that people will travel for entertainment, to shop and to work, is less than 10 miles – in other words, life is very local.

Many recruitment advertisers are now looking for job websites that can deliver a dozen, local, spot-on, well-qualified candidates, rather than receiving multiple applications from all over the UK and beyond.

Therefore, job boards need to strive to deliver new, innovative and targeted ways to attract and deliver quality, local candidates if they are to provide the services recruiters are looking for.

Sean Mahon
Marketing director, Fish4jobs

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