Health and Safety Executive’s survey finds one in five staff concerned about work-related stress

One-fifth of British workers are concerned about work-related stress, according to a report published today by the Health and Safety Executive.

The Workplace Health and Safety Survey of 10,000 workers was conducted between August and December 2005. It looked at employee perceptions of workplace risk and covered a number of different risk categories.

About 40% thought that the risk of stress in the workplace could be reduced – whether they were concerned or not. Less than one-third said their employers had taken preventative action to reduce stress levels in the workplace.

Figures from the official Labour Force Survey in 2004/05 indicate that about 13 million working days were lost because of work-related stress during that period.

Geoffrey Podger, Health and Safety Executive chief executive, said: “Stress is a major problem in British workplaces. Stress can occur in any workplace and it is important that both employers and employees recognise the symptoms at an early stage.”

The report released today covers the initial findings of the survey. Further analyses will provide more detailed patterns by industry and assessments of preventive measures within the different risk categories.

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