House of Commons cleaners appeal for living wage

The T&G union has challenged the leaders of the main political parties as well as parliamentary candidates to support its campaign for a ‘living wage’ for House of Commons cleaners.

The union launched the campaign in February amid claims that some cleaners are paid £4.85 an hour, have poor holidays and no company sick pay or pension scheme.

The T&G is calling for a deal for the cleaners which includes £6.70 per hour, 20 days paid holiday per year, company sick pay and a company pension.

Jack Dromey, T&G deputy general secretary, said: “While Parliament sleeps, our members clean. They come from all over the world to look after the home of democracy and it is a scandal that cleaners at the heart of parliamentary democracy should earn the minimum wage.”

The T&G will now be writing to the parliamentary candidates for all the main political parties as well the party leaders. They will be invited to affirm their support for the cleaners’ basic claims and to demand more money so that contractors can pay more.

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