HR and finance professionals believe interim managers add value to the business

Interim managers bring a fresh pair of eyes to a company, according to more than half of HR and finance directors.

Research released by Robert Half Management Resources revealed 54% of HR and finance professionals feel working with interim managers brings added value to the workplace.

The survey also revealed one-third felt the value gained from hiring interim managers was due to the fact they bring with them diverse experience from a wide range of companies and industry sectors.

Tim Hird, executive director of Robert Half Management Resources, said: “The value of interim managers is becoming more and more evident with many UK employers relying on them for anything from the day-to-day running of the business to the restructuring of large projects.

“Modern interim managers can be used to manage change, deal with specialist projects, fill gaps in managerial support or simply improve overall business performance.”

While the survey highlights the value the majority of people who have worked with an interim manager feel these individuals bring to an organisation, it also showed a large number never work in this way.

About 46% said they had never worked with interim managers and only 14% employed such workers on a regular basis.

The main reason cited by 44% of employers for not using interim managers was they were not familiar with the services these workers provide.

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