HR professionals find switching sectors easier

HR professionals wishing to switch sectors are in a much better position to do so, research suggests.

According to recruitment consultancy Joslin Rowe, companies are willing to be more flexible in their requirements because of the number of permanent HR roles in the financial services and commerce and industry markets and a severe candidate shortage.

Kris Sasitharan, manager of HR, Joslin Rowe Associates, said: “For the first time organisations are much less focused on the industry sector background of applicants.

“Instead more emphasis is being placed on the working environment and culture candidates have worked in and the skills and competencies they demonstrate.

“It has become more important to be able to fit into the culture of an organisation and to keep up with the pace, rather than have the industry specifics for the jobs. Indeed, HR candidates who can prove their adaptability are more sought after than those who have moved jobs from one organisation to another within the same industry sector.”

As well as becoming more flexible in their requirement for candidates, many organisations are having to increase the remuneration packages offered by 5%-10%.

“This employee-dictated market has meant that many candidates are holding out for the best career opportunities and higher total remuneration packages, so organisations have had to take this into consideration to ensure that they are not missing out on the best person for the job,” Sasitharan said.

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