Huge profits mean dividends for air traffic controllers

Thousands of airport staff are in line to receive their first dividend bonus after National Air Traffic Services (Nats) reported a 3,700% increase in full-year profits.

Nats, which provides air traffic control services to aircraft flying in British airspace and over the eastern part of the North Atlantic, announced that about 5,000 staff would be eligible for a slice of dividends after a bumper year during which pre-tax profits increased from £1.8 million to £68.8 million.

Employees own about 5% of Nats and stand to receive between £10 and £50 each, depending on how long they have been employed by the organisation.

Nats’ revenues were up £39.7 million to £638.9 million as staff handled a 5% increase in air traffic to a record 2.2 million flights during the year.

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