Insala and Reconet release the Talent Acquisition Network as Centrepiece of Joint Partnership

Insala, a leading global provider of consulting and web-based technology for career services and talent management initiatives, in partnership with Reconet Ltd., releases the Talent Acquisition Network solution, a unique platform on which both sides of the recruitment-hiring process collaborate to acquire top talent faster and more efficiently. The Network specifically creates a competitive marketplace for more fluid interaction between hiring companies and recruitment agencies.

“The Talent Acquisition Network is a revolutionary tool that helps hiring companies manage the contingency recruiter flow with efficiency and great cost savings,” Neil Treloar, MD, CEO of Reconet, remarks. “Insala is renowned for retaining top talent at first class organisations, [and] the addition of the Talent Acquisition Network initiates the career life cycle process by directing talent to the organisation using the latest technology, in a new innovative way.”

Hiring companies post their vacancies on the Network along with the fee that they are willing to pay and the number of candidates they wish to receive per agency. Member agencies can then request permission to forward candidates. Hiring companies will assess the agency’s suitability for the role by reviewing their network profile and system generated, key performance indicators. Once permission has been granted, the agency can then forward candidates to the hiring company over the Network. Upon successful placement, the Talent Acquisition Network will collect the recruitment fee on behalf of the recruitment agency, deduct the TAN fee, and then pass it on.

The Network enables HR managers to exercise maximum control over their recruitment with minimal time and effort, empowering them to deliver top talent quickly and within a tight budget. Companies can hire confidently with the knowledge that all recruitment agencies on the Network are pre-screened and rated, thus ensuring the quality and suitability of candidates for a vacancy. The Network also gives recruitment agencies the opportunity to view and compete for previously inaccessible vacancies, advertise hard-to-fill vacancies as split-deals for other agencies to work on, and expand revenues without increasing overhead costs.

As an added bonus, the Network’s unique message service provides a platform on which companies and agencies can communicate directly to set objectives and guarantee mutual satisfaction. Moreover, all clients can take advantage of a free membership policy and easy three-step membership activation process. Ultimately, each aspect of the Network helps clients source talent faster, cheaper, and with more information.

Phillip Roark, Insala’s CEO, further commented, “The launch of the Talent Acquisition Network is an innovative and new approach to identifying top talent that adds value to the general marketplace. This new service offering benefits both our consulting and organisational customers greatly.”


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