IT Job Board launches new and improved website

Leading IT recruitment company The IT Job Board, has today announced the arrival of its new website,

The enhanced site ensures that each position advertised is only seen by candidates that have the right experience for the role.  This saves time for recruiters because they only receive applications that are relevant for the job advertised.
Adam Stokes, operations director at The IT Job Board said, “We recognise that a major headache for recruiters is the time required to filter applications every time a position is advertised.  Our enhanced site aims to tackle this issue by cutting down on the actual number of completed forms they receive, but ensuring that each one is of value because the candidate potentially fits the slot.”
In particular the new site features a ‘Best Match’ function which presents candidates with a variety of additional jobs that they may not have seen initially but, based on the criteria and experience they entered, are likely to be of interest to them. 

The feature matches positions according to the content of the advert itself, taking into account location, skillset, job title and industry sector making more in-depth than most other job boards. 

Its intuitive location search also recognises places in close proximity to the search, making the job and location match more accurate.
In addition, new content on the homepage will raise the company’s visibility through improving its search engine ranking.  This additional tool will increase the opportunities for advertised positions to be viewed by their target audience. 

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