KPMG director faces jail for expenses fraud

A KPMG director has been convicted of stealing £545,000 through expenses claims and could now be jailed.

Andrew Wetherell submitted the claims over a five-year period to pay for five-star holidays, designer watches and cars.

Wetherell was already earning a six-figure salary when he submitted the claims, but said he committed the offeces to pay for his second wife’s demands for a £15,000 a month lifestyle.

The director defrauded the accountancy firm between 2002 and 2008 by submitting multiple claims for legitimate trips while also claiming for personal holidays, including breaks to Thailand and Singapore.

In total Wetherell claimed £480,000 in air travel, of which £243,000 was supported using fake documents.

He also claimed £4,000 for a watch, £2,000 for a camera and computer equipment and a further £74,000 for cars for himself and his second wife.

Wetherell has already repaid KPMG over £337,000 but has been warned by Southwark Crown Court he faces a custodial sentence for false accounting and fraud.

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